Yellow Mountains

The Yellow Mountains

Shanghai is massive. Every day I find something new. This city changes and moves so quickly. Its hard to imagine that this is just one of the fourteen major cities in China. It is overwhelming to imagine being able to see and take in all of what these cities have to offer. Living in a city can be overwhelming sometimes. Nature is something I don’t get to experience every day. To get a dose of nature I took a trip to the Yellow Mountains in Huangshan.

I left on a Friday afternoon from the Zhongshan park metro station in Shanghai on a bus. It took us roughly 6 hours to get to a hotel that was about an hour from the base of the Yellow Mountains. I got to the hotel around 2 am and I went straight to bed so I could wake up as rested as possible for a long hike to the top.

We had to wake up early at 6am to be able to start the hike early and finish it before sun down. Here is what I woke up to.

A view from the parking lot outside of the hotel.

Noodles for breakfast.

At around 8 am we arrived at the base, and made our way up the Yellow Mountains.

On the way up we came across a well with fresh water. Refreshing as.

Getting Higher up.

These stairs were no joke. There are roughly 60,000 of them.

I guess there kind of yellow?

The hike up was pretty intense. Constantly walking up stairs woke up muscles that must have been in a deep sleep. I have been on long hikes before but this was most strenuous. This wasn’t even that long of a hike, it was the fact you are constantly walking up stairs. The whole hike was a test of your determination to make it up to the summit of the Yellow Mountains. It was definitely worth it. The sights were like nothing I have seen before.

At one point we got to what I thought was the top but sadly wasn’t… We went to this gondola that brought us down. Check it out in the snap story. Once we got to a lower level of the mountain we continued to hike up until we reached the summit. This is where we would stay for the night.

We had the option to camp or stay in this hotel at the top. I was going to camp out but it was starting to rain so I decided I would stay in the hotel. The hotel was pretty nice considering it was at the top of a mountain. I was expecting it to be pretty rugged. I just kept thinking about how much work must have gone into the development of this hotel.

The next day we all met down in the lobby at 8am to start our hike down. Today we didn’t get as lucky with the weather. We were hiking through a storm. No shots from the DSLR today. It was super windy and pretty crazy to just look into an abyss of grey when you knew you were thousands of meters up.

I thought the hike down would have been easier then the hike down but it was just as hard. The rain also forced you to move slower because well… if you went to quick and slipped… That would be the last time you slipped.

I made it down exhausted and ready for a bus ride back to shanghai. It was a great weekend trip to get out of the city and am ready to see what else China has to offer.

A  L  E  X

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