Yanan Spin High res

Yanan Spin

Weekends by the Yan'an Highway show a vivid display of blue neon. It's one of the more iconic sights to see in Shanghai in regards to their engineering feats.

A couple weekends ago I found myself with my drone by the highway on a rather clear night. I took off and flew until the Mavic Pro Platinum was drained to 29%. This was the most I have ever drained the battery. It was the first time I ever went below 30% and what I learned is that the remote will start blaring a beeping sound to inform that you are low on battery.

This scared the shit out of me because I did not expect it at all. When I realized what was happening I had more then enough time to return to home but it gave me quite a scare.

B e f o r e  I  l a n d e d  I  g o t  t h i s  l i l  c l i p

Beat by Estoric 


I also happened to be strapped with this beast of a camera the Fujifilm GFX 50S. Fujifilm has been hooking PUSH up with some gear recently. I can't talk about everything were doing with Fujifilm but its very exciting. For now I can tell you we have been playing with their toys and there is more to come.

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