Second Listen

Second Listen: Yuck, ‘Stranger Things’

Back in 2011 Yuck dropped their self titled album ‘Yuck’. That summer Get Away and The Wall were on repeat while I was working at Camp Woodward. That was an epic summer. For a while after that I never really heard much of them. Fast forward to April 2015, I’m living in Shanghai and Facebook tells me they are doing a show here in Shanghai. I went with my homie Brian of Culture Cycles and my other good friend John. To be straight… the show was so so. I think it had a lot to do with the crowd. Everyone who was at the show was pretty calm. Not really tryna move around and you know… be at a concert. Anyways it was still a good time and now I’m hyped to listen to their new album. ‘Stranger Things’ Enjoy.

P.S. its second listen because NPR got to it first with their first listen.


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