super high wall ride


PUSHFEST is a one-day event for most but for my team and I It’s two months of planning, emails, group chats, phone calls, deck updates, site checks, problem-solving, editing, translations, follow-ups and more. For PUSHFEST 2016 I cut together the teaser, distributed posters and other small tasks. This year for 2017 I took on a lot more responsibility. After all the work is said and done you get to cut loose and enjoy two months of hard work. Shout out to Kosi, Shen and Charlie for the photos.

This year we had Patrik Wallner come through to be our keynote speaker. Patrik is a seriously established world traveller, skate filmer, photographer and friend. Patrik founded Visual Traveling in 2007 so it was only right to we celebrated his tenth year of Visual Traveling at PUSHFEST 2017.

We worked with Patrik to select photos from the past 10 years and we also currated a screening session featuring only Patriks work which you can see above. We choose segments from Mandalay Express, Meet The Stans, Arirang, Gurus of the Ganges Segment and his most recent film The Splits. In addition to screening these pieces we had our MC Edan Goldbergstein talk about the pieces and hear about some behind the scenes stories from his trips.

The homie Charlie about to get down on some beers.

From 5 – 7 we had an intermission between the two screenings. We had a mini ramp jam, photo booth, food, drinks and a live stream by Kicker Club.

Wall Ride Bros

At 8:00 we had started the second screening which was a selection of films curated by Push Media. We featured films from Allen Gewa (CN), Joe Pease (AUSTRALIA), Foster Huntington (USA), Dillon Buss (USA), Philip Evans (UK), Shrimp Daddy (USA) and Benny Shaw (USA).


After the second screening we surprised the audience with a wall ride competition. About a month ago during the planning of the event we were joking about putting a ramp on the bleachers as a drop in to skate the infinity wall. We were all super hyped on it and were planning on putting in the event. Fast forward to one week before the event day and our execution team is not so confident in making the roll in and we scrap the idea to replace with a quarter pipe. We were all pretty bummed we couldn't do the roll in but kept moving. After realizing the quarter pipe wouldn't work because it wouldn't have enough room on the deck to support the amount of people skating in the event we had to go back to the roll in idea. We worked with Social Supply and my man Dean made the roll in a reality. Was the best thing to happen to the event. 

Thats a wrap!

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