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HONG KONG: Visa Trip I

As an expat living in Shanghai I am required to have a visa. My visa requires me to exit the country every 60 days. It is as simple as that. Once I exit China I can immediately re-enter. But that would be no fun. So while I am living in China, I’ll take a visa trip every 60 days, a different country every time.

For my first visa trip I decided I would spend a weekend in Hong Kong. I am a big fan traveling by myself so I decided I would send it to HK solo. I booked the flight two weeks before going. I didn’t plan anything for the trip besides making a reservation for a hostel that seemed like it was in a good area of Hong Kong on Google maps.

I arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport early on Friday morning. The Airport is about forty minutes outside of central Hong Kong so I took a train to get to the city center of Hong Kong. The train ride was great. Shanghai is very flat. You are surrounded by High-rise buildings no mater where you are in SH. On my train ride into Hong Kong there were mountains and lush greenery, which was such a nice change from Shanghai. Also it was 78 degrees as apposed to the 45 degrees I was living with in Shanghai.

Not much later I arrived at my hostel, dropped off some stuff and decided to go explore the city. Just down the street I found my first #HONGKONGSKATESPOT. It’s just a 3-stair hubba, but it was super fun to gap out over the metal rivets in the ground.

I eventually moved on and continued exploring. I decided to reach out to the Internet to find some more skate spots. After surfing the web (VPN FREE) I came across this iconic spot I had no idea was in Hong Kong. I now know it to be Morrison Hill Park, but before I only knew it through skate videos. I think the first time I saw it was in City of Killers by Zoo York. I pined its location on Google maps and started to head there. I took some photos along the way.

When I got there I was so happy. It may sound lame but I get really siked when I go to historical skate spots. I feel like I am skating history. I also love skate spots that are famous because they drive me to travel more.

I skated for a while. The ground was perfectly smooth and the park had so much flow. I skated in circles for literally hours… Towards the end of my session a group of skaters rolled up and we got to talking. One of them was a Hong Kong local and the others were from Manchester on a skate trip representing Black Sheep. We shot the shit for a bit, skated the park and then dipped out to skate the streets.

We got kicked out of this spot within 30 seconds. Only photo I got.

George AKA Jiri with some ninja steeze.

We skated so many spots in such a short amount of time. These guys fucking killed it. There was such a high energy flowing. Check the Snapchat Story at the bottom to see everything that went down.

The next morning I decided to go to the beach: Big Wave Bay. The bus ride was pretty interesting. Super tight streets and the bus driver was booking it.

The bus dropped me off pretty close to the beach. As the grass slowly faded to sand, I noticed there were some surfboards for rent. I talked with the guy for a couple minutes and I decided to rent one for the afternoon. The waves were small, 1-2, but it was so great to get back into the water. The lack of surf in Shanghai kills me. It’s the number one thing I miss about living in the states. Even when I was living in Vermont, I could take a weekend trip to Rhode Island or Long Island to surf. In Shanghai it is possible to take a weekend trip but its pretty expensive. The afternoon at the beach was perfect. I surfed, went for a hike and relaxed all day. Here are some pictures.

1-2 waves are still fun

DSLR Selfie cuz why not.

After the hike I was pretty tired. I took the bus back to the Hong Kong city center and searched for a place to get some seafood. Hong Kong is known for its seafood so I needed to try some while I was there. I ordered this massive prawn that they showed me alive before they served to me. It was a unique experience. I also had a huge scallop, sushi and some type of fish. It all lived up to they hype.

Keep an eye out for Visa Trip II coming in two months.

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