High Stream

High Stream: Torren Martyn

Torren Martyn is the epitome of effortless style. A Byron Bay surfer that was destined for nothing less. High Stream showcases the best of what Indo has to offer. Torren has been living it up in Indonesia for the past five months and plans to head back down under in December. Tough life…

Torren is known to have an open mind when it comes to board selection. He may favor a twin fin set up but he messes around with it all. I respect this. “When you use different kinds of skateboards you learn different tricks.” I’ve heard a bunch of different skaters say this in one way or another and it has stuck with me. I think it translates to surfing as well. Switching things up promotes innovation.

Enjoy High Stream: Some surfing that will want to make you quit your day job.

A  L  E X

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