Foot Print Insoles

Footprint Insoles

Considering I have been skateboarding for over 15 years I am pretty lucky to have no major injuries. That being said I have bruised my heels too many times to count. Last November I seriously bruised my heel in a motorcycle crash while in Indonesia. You can read about that here. Anyways, I had a tough time coming off that injury. I hit up my friend who works at Footprint. He hooked me up with a package and I am now definitely a believer in the insole.

At this point I have spent a month with the insoles. I got two different kinds. I got your basic insole which you can see on the right and I got a High tech model which you can see on the left. The one on the left has arch support and more padding around the toes. Those are the ones I skate. To be blunt they threw my skating off pretty severely for the first week or so I skated them. It was strange to have that much padding. At first I had them in P-Rod 7’s which were kinda strange. I didn’t like that shoe for most part. Now I have the insoles in some Koston 2’s Why so many Nikes? I got my homie JMART to thank for that. As for the standard insoles I keep those in my rain boots believe it or not. I didnt like the ones that came with the boots. The insoles that came with the boots were a little short for the boot but the Footprints happened to fit in perfectly. They feel like a memory foam or something. Super comfortable.

All in all these insoles are awesome. They have lasted over a month and are still going strong. I deffinitly think they have helped my heels heal as well as added a ton of protection for when I’m skating.

A  L  E  X

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