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The Dream Lens Empire

Brought to life just nine short months ago, the Dream Lens Empire has taken the world by storm with its emotionally compelling edits giving man kind world class cinematography, next level skateboarding and a new paradigm for art. Justen Snyder and Ryan Nimmo are the creators of the Dream Lens Empire. They both reside in Shanghai where their projects are filmed and edited. Justen is the the lead cinematographer and Ryan is the mastermind behind the art direction. I was blessed with the opportunity to sit down with both Ryan and Justen to get an inside look into the world they live in and what has inspired them to create such revolutionary works of art.

Alex Greenberg: You are both born and raised Americans. What brought you out to Shanghai?

Ryan: I could see the end-times coming from a mile away and just wanted to be somewhere secure and kind of mellow when it struck. Shanghai is, in my opinion, the ideal place to survive a catastrophic event like a plague, electrical grid failure, water shortage etc so I moved out here in 2011.

Justen: Shanghai brings the endless opportunities to turn off and on a vpn. That is what I live for. In the US you have an unadulterated stream of perfectly uncensored internet. I feel like working for my internet, kids these days take that shit for granted. It makes me feel more creative and core.

Where does your inspiration come from to create these master pieces?

Ryan: “Item Falls” by Ryan Trecartin

Justen: I have a purely utilitarian inspiration for these videos. People like to skate, I felt there weren’t enough people that liked to film people skateboarding, an equally fulfilling lifestyle. Skateboarders feel very high and mighty, somebody needs to put them in their place and show them that all of their larger than life maneuvers can be captured and displayed neatly on a screen for somebody to scrutinize.

Whats your day job? And when do you plan on quitting to work full time on DL?

Ryan: Justen and I are both shift supervisors at foxcon. We make sure that all the products are up to snuff and ready to be delicately hot-glued into the back of iPhone 9’s. It’s long hours and low pay so we will probably both quit soon along with some of the factory laborers to start a small DL factory on the outskirts of the city.


Alex Greenberg with a Krook filming for DL6
Photo: Justen

Justen you are the mastermind behind the lens while Ryan is the brains behind the editing. What led to that?

Ryan: We both have older model IBMs, mine has very basic video editing and C++ function on it though so we determined it would have to be this way.

Justen: I thought about doing it all by myself, but I quickly realized that Ryan’s ability to manipulate DOS was far more exceptional.

I heard the Dream Lens Empire is very exclusive. What does it take to join the Empire?

Ryan: It’s tough but not impossible, if you can name 8 Ja Rule songs we provide a temporary membership that lasts up to 6 months. If you want to re-new you have to leave the country and come back in. It’s actually pretty similar to the visa program in China.

What can we expect in the Future?

Ryan: We are trying to convert all our videos to mini-beta boyz. This means, essentially that they will be imprinted on contact lens’, but permanent ones so once you start to watch one of the DL films you’ll be unable to stop.

Justen: Collab with Kim Jong Un

Now enjoy all that the DL Empire has to offer.

D  r  e  a  m    L  e  n  s     I

D  r  e  a  m    L  e  n  s     I I

D  r  e  a  m    L  e  n  s     I I I

D  r  e  a  m    L  e  n  s     I  V

D  r  e  a  m    L  e  n  s     V

D  r  e  a  m    L  e  n  s     I  V

Expect more edits in the near future from the Dream Lens Empire.

A  L  E  X

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