Dont Bring your surfboard to china


Late in the day I came across a WeChat group with a bunch of surfers in it. The group discussion took a wild turn when I saw sights, photos and a video of the local officials destroying surfboards. Now I don’t know exactly what sparked this man with a hack saw and his army of militarized looking officers to take action upon the local surfers of Xi Chong beach in Shenzhen and their surfboards, but it looks to be a little out of line. Wouldn’t you agree?

Hack saw man enters

Surfboard down 🙁

For anyone that can read Chinese, I think this is a statement about surfing on the beach. I could be wrong though

To be clear I don’t know exactly why these surfers are being treated like this. From what I can gather from the group chat (its all written in Chinese so I cant understand that much) is that the local officials are sawing people’s boards they deem not experienced enough to surf, or the officials are sawing anyone’s boards at this one beach break.

Another theory from a friend is that since there are some heavy typhoons approaching the China coast right now, these officials don’t want surfers in the water.

UPDATE 1: Danny in the group chat writes “They are not official police. The guy did not break any law. But China is a free country once you have enough money or power.”

UPDATE 2: A swimmer was hit by a first time surfer. The swimmer was not seriously injured at all. Later these guys came grabbed boards that were completely unrelated to that incident and started hacking away at them.

This leads me to believe this beach is privately owned and the tides are changing in relation to surf regulation.

China is a strange place when it comes to enforcing laws. It’s hard to explain unless you have experienced it yourself.

I have never surfed this break, but I have surfed China. Check out this post about Hainan if you want to learn more about surfing in China. I took a trip down there about a year ago. but just a heads up if you are gonna take a flight to go surfing on this side of the world, you’re better off hitting Indo.

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