America Wave


Living abroad is awesome, however it means you’re living far away from friends and family. My third visa trip was more than just a visa trip. After six months of living in Shanghai I took a vacation back to the states to catch up with friends and family. I spent almost a full month back in the states hitting four parts of the east coast; NYC, Western Long Island, Eastern Long Island and Burlington Vermont. Unfortunately I realize now I didn’t take many photos. Here of some photos highlighting my time spent in the states.


This sums up my time spent at home in Western Long Island. AKA my home town Sea Cliff.

The above three photos were taken on my drive down from VT to NY. I didn’t realize how much I missed driving until I got back home. It was so relaxing to take a long drive. I would listen to some podcasts, music, a little bit of radio and just zone out. And of course would took a pit stop to take these photos. Also I actually saved a turtle from this middle of the road. True story.

Pizza. Every day.

I spent as much time as I possibly could in the water. This is just one of the many sessions I had in the Atlantic while I was home in the states. To be more specific this is Eastern Long Island. My good friend Will has a place out in Remsenburg. It is one of my favorite places in the world. Check the edit to get a glimpse into what goes on there… every day.

I love Long Island and the states but twenty five days was just enough. I’m ready to get back to Shanghai. See you next time America.

A  L  E  X

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